Since March 2017 we are providing services related to the technical infrastructure of the telecommunication connections in the PKO BP S.A. Data Centers.

Structured cabling - scope of installation works

As a part of the agreement we have performed installation works throughout Poland. The scope of our installation works consisted of:

1. Structured cabling installation:

  • Category 6A (Class EA) – over a few hundred lines
  • Fiber optic MM and SM – over 5000 fibers
  • Preterminated fiber optic

2. Patchcord delivery:

  • Copper cat. 6 – over 3000 pcs.
  • Fiber optic MM OM4 – over 7000 pcs.

All works were performed according to the agreement and according to the agreed deadlines.

Below you can find the reference (along with more details) issued for us after finishing this contract: