The idea of structured cabling systems

The new market was established along with the rapid development of computer technologies in the 70s. When we saw the need to provide interconnections between growing number of user, we decided to meet the demand.

The idea of flexible and versatile networks was implemented by introducing structured cabling, which allowed to integrate telephone, computer and TV networks along with other ICT services.

It has provided multi access to the ICT services in all buildings, on each floor and in every room of the clients company.

Such a solution gives our customers opportunity to operate in efficient and flexible business environment. It allows to administrate interconnection system between endpoint users more conveniently and effectively.

Approach to the implementations

The opportunity of free usage of IT network is achieved by using homogeneous structured cabling and modular RJ-45 connectors. Each socket is connected to the patch panel through its own lenght of the cable in the one to one ralation.

Section which connects user endpoint with the panel in the distribution point is called the horizontal cabling.

Whereas the connection between the two building mains is called the vertical cabling.

Our range of structured cabling products

We can deliver and implement structured cabling of many widely recognized producers - feel free to check our qualifications in Certificates tab. We offer products of such brands as: Systimax, Corning or AMP Netconnect: