Structured cabling installation

Structured cabling systems

Structured cabling network creates the ICT infrastructure in buildings, industrial halls or other utility constructions. It is the copper (or/and fiber optic) cable and its respective connections which enable all electronical equipment to connect to each other. It also creates the computer network (LAN) or adds new phones and other facilities.

Structured cabling system is a product composed of multiple components that should meet certain standards used in construction of passive cabling infrastructure which depends on the specifics applied. Structured cabling – whether implemented at home or in the office – allows for very simple connections to the network anywhere in the building.

 Types of structured cabling

 Structured cabling network consists of different components, therefore we can divide them into the following:

 Vertical cabling (interior) installed inside the building,

  • Distribution points which allow configuration of the connections,
  • Horizontal cabling,
  • User end-points – wall sockets etc.,
  • System and terminal connections,
  • ICT connections of the buildings.

 Structured cabling installation works - ELEKS

We are an authorized installer of many structured cabling producers, including Commscope (Systimax, Uniprise, AMP, imVision), Corning, Reichle & De-Massari, Brand-Rex, Leviton.

We implement structured cabling installations in office spaces, hotels, industrial halls, shopping malls and Data Centers (DC)

Our network installations are designed for the use of IT (PC computers), WiFi access points and video surveillance (CCTV).

Since 2003 we are regional leader in structured cabling management systems installations.

We have installed many thousands of cabling lines which were part of the IT infrastructure management system – imVision (iPatch) by Commscope.

We implement both copper and fiber optic structured cabling.

Dedicated cabling installation works - ELEKS

Many times we need to execute works of structured cabling along with the power distribution network. This has a huge impact on the security of all IT systems, equipment and the all data in the data store. This what the purpose of the electrical installation is - to isolate “privileged” receiver, such as computers, from network to the receivers of general use. Such dedicated electrical supply is crucial element when building computer structured cabling network. Keep in mind that computer network and electrical network installation works are so important because general-purpose receivers could have negative effect on key computer devices.

Dedicated electrical installation is a separate entity designed to power a defined group of devices.

Electrical installation designs

Electrical installation requires from the contractor to design a suitable project design, ensuring trouble-free and reliable operation of electronic devices in the network in overall. We specialize in designing installations which allow the final user to exploit the power supply correctly and comfortably. We plan its distribution as well as the anticipated loads, considering the number of circuits, sections, wires, equipment building – sockets and lugs.

Electrical installation in overall

Every day we use many devices requiring continuous power supply. No wonder that every modern electrical installation must be properly designed.

Electrical installation at home or in the office is a part of larger network of cabling, which is located within the building along with electrical equipment. We install e.g. socket outlets, lighting, power supply for AC and others – we implement our installations in offices, hotels, industrial halls etc.

Only properly designed electrical network can be an integral part of the equipment of the building and it determines the correct and safe handling in the future.

How should the electrical installation look like?

Electrical installation is part of low voltage wiring system, which consists of:

  • Connections and cable connectors,
  • Dashboard,
  • Risers, shafts and power lines,
  • Receiver installation,
  • The appropriate number of circuits.

If you are interested in carrying out the electrical installation in the building, please contact us.

Prefabrication and installation of LV and MV electrical switchgears

Switchgears are a part of the electrical network (electrical installation), which includes equipment and components that: connect and distribute electrical circuits.

We create electrical switchgears based on electrical equipment (e.g. Schneider) – from a international manufacturers of energy management and automation solutions – we are an authorized partner of the producers in the construction of low-voltage (LV) and medium-volatage (MV) switchgears. Electrical current switchgear combines inside itself current circuits of the control devices, which use such elements as e.g. Schneider switches with relays, fuses with protective functionality of each circuit.

We create LV and MV switchgears – both main and local – for offices industrial end-clients and all other recipients. The switchgears are prepared in our workshop under the supervision of the qualified specialists.

Electrical switchgears - typology

While preparing connections to a network one must decide what kind of construction is needed. There are following types:

  • Distribution boards for 150 A networks, often used in industrial buildings
  • Distribution cabinets which are adapter to the current of thousand A. They are also used in HV networks.
  • Electrical outdoor switchgears are installed on the building walls or in front of the building. These are becoming more popular lately as they simplify meter reading when the owner is out of office.

LV installations

To meet the customer expectations we also offer various low voltage installation services. We perform them for the purpose of housing and public buildings.

LV systems designed and implemented by our company represent very high functionality and usability. We offer following:

  • Alarm systems,
  • Intercom,
  • Access control (AC),
  • Fire alarm system,
  • Voice evacuation system,
  • CCTV.

The low voltage systems mentioned above do not cover the broad spectrum of applications. But the fact is that they should be designed by experienced professionals, so that the client has control of authorized personnel to reside in a given are etc.

The low voltage installation offer comes from such producers as Polon-Alfa, Schrack Seconet, Honeywell, Axis and from the network of distributors C&C.


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