Shortly about our company

We provide structured cabling systems and power networks in all sectors of the domestic and other countries of the European Union.

We execute both large and small projects.

In new and currently renovated buildings.

In the regional offices, bank branches and subsidiary salons.

We cooperate very closely with our Clients in order to achieve optimal solution.

Thanks to our expertise, we provide a stable "nervous system" of the attracted parties, along with a reliable power distriobution system.

Our history



  • We have entered a domestic market as the Civil Law Partnership. In the beginning our main activities were designing and implementing structured cabling installation along with power distribution systems.




  • We have added to our business profile a range of works related to the installation and modernization of power supply in the Data Centers and other Industrial Buildings.




  • In compliance with The Commercial Companies Code amendment our Company was transformed into a Registered Partnership. Henceforth we operate under the Eleks – Janusz Kosiorek Spółka Jawna (Registered Partnership) brand.




  • We  have accepted out first order outside the borders of Poland. Since then we have performed in neighboring countries, such as: Czech Republic, Germany and Lithuania.




  • Our Company develops unceasingly, so we have decided to change localization of our office. We have chosen the City Point Warsaw business park, which is the largest SMEs facility in Warsaw.




  • In 2019 we have added Ruckus Networks products to our portfolio. Since then we are able to provide our customers with new switches and access point WLAN networks