Electrical and teletechnical installations for DATA CENTER

Nowadays data and information are the foundation of any modern enterprise. The huge amount of data that is processed every day requires larger and more technologically advanced data processing centers – which are called Data Centers. In this type of facilities, the operation of the technological infrastructure should be treated as critical, because even the smallest failure causes incalculable losses for the clients. Therefore, ELEKS offers a comprehensive range of telecom and electrical installation services to ensure reliable and efficient Data Center infrastructure.

Our services include following:

1. Structured Cabling Installations:

Structured cabling can be viewed as the foundation of data communication in the Data Center in a way that it is necessary to ensure not only a fast data transfer, but also an easy scalability and adaptation to dynamically developing business needs. Good quality of the structured cabling ensures network reliability, minimizes interference and interruption of transmission, and facilitates management and diagnostics of possible problems.

2. Low Voltage Switchboards:

Safe and effective low voltage management allows you to control and distribute electricity to various systems and devices through the facility, while allowing optimal operation of other systems and minimizing energy losses.

3. Cable Routes:

Ladders and cable trays, as well as fire protection enclosures, ensure not only the proper organization of cabling, but also protect against possible threats.

4. Busbar trunking systems:

Appropriate use of ducts allows for flexible adjustment of energy demand in specific places.

5. Lighting installations:

Basic, emergency and evacuation lighting installations are necessary to ensure appropriate working conditions and the ability to quickly and safely leave the facility in the event of emergency.

Professional services of teletechnical and electrical installations in Data Center facilities are crucial for ensuring a reliable and scalable technological infrastructure. Trusted specialists in this field will provide comprehensive solutions that will meet the high requirements of the Data Center, ensuring security, reliability and operational efficiency. Investing in advanced installations will contribute to the success of your business by providing the right support for your rapidly evolving business needs in the digital age.



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